A bit of trivia….

  1. On the first U.S. flag, why were the stars displayed in a circle?
  2. What is our national flower?
  3. What 7 words start the Declaration of Independence?
  4. Who was the only President to be born on July 4th?
  5. Whose signature on the Declaration of Independence is the largest?
  6. Is a T-shirt with a picture of a flag considered a flag?
  7. What is our national bird?
  8. Was the 4th of July ever celebrated on the the 5th?








  1. So no one state would be above another.
  2. The rose
  3. “When in the course of human events”
  4. Calvin Coolidge
  5. John Hancock’s
  6. Yes, and therefore when worn-out must be retired in a respectful way.
  7. The bald eagle
  8. Yes.  In 1779 the 4th of July landed on a Sunday. Consequently the holiday was observed on the 5th.