When The Miller Group arrived in East Lansing in 2005 to play at the first installment of An Evening of Smooth Jazz at the Hannah Community Center, they let everyone know “they like to have fun”.

A question they’ve asked the audience at every performance since is, if the audience would like to see them come back? Well, it’s been almost ten years and a lot has changed except the audience’s response.

The “skinny sax man” as he often refers to himself will be here on the Friday after Thanksgiving.for a special installment of An Evening of Smooth Jazz. Rumor has it that they are bringing a CD of some sort.
Opening the show with a few surprises will be Lansing’s 496 West.

  • Platinum VIP: $40.00 with a pre-concert reception, complementary appetizers, seating in the front of the theater.
  • Individual Tickets: $25.00 All seats reserved
  • Group sales: https://www.bmrwpromotions.com/group-tickets/ or call 517-372-7246


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***SAVE THE DATE  for our 10th Anniversary Show on Friday, July 25, 2014.  
It is already shaping up to be one for the memory book.
We hope you will join us.