Ran across this heartfelt letter



On the eve of the general election, I feel compelled not to share anything about politics or policy.  I think we’ve all grown apathetic toward partisan posts . I do however feel compelled to say thank you.  Thank you for your time, your energy, sharing your family and showing your commitment to this nation. For your presidency is and always will be about something greater than just who has led our nation for the past four years.  Your presidency has been about breaking barriers, rising above inequalities, and inspiring activism. Your presidency has served to validate the efforts & sacrifices of people like MLK, Medgar Evers, Rosa Parks, and The Little Rock Nine.

People ask me, as a black man, if I think inequalities among color lines still exist given the fact that you are in the White House.  I answer, “You wouldn’t be asking if they didn’t”.  So yes, inequalities still exist. I experience them every time I walk into a board room and I’m the only black male, or every classroom I’ve been in where I’ve been the only black student, or every time I’ve heard some one say, “you don’t speak like a black guy.” We know that students rise and fall to expectations.  You have proven that there are opportunities outside of rap and athletics for guys who look like me (nothing against Jay Z or Lebron). So whether you win or lose tomorrow, rest assured that you have succeeded.  A position in Leadership can be lonely, but you’ve done it with grace and class and have helped move our train forward.

– Christopher ‘Skip’ Wilson