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Buy tickets to music, dance and other live performances. Again, do this within budget and focus it on your tastes. You may like Riverdance more than you like formal ballet, or you may prefer live theater off-off-Broadway types of productions. You may like concerts with big famous bands or symphony orchestras or opera. Yes, this includes live theatre as mentioned above or any type of performance art you enjoy.

  • Pay full price tickets to magicians and musicians.
  • When you pass a street performer, put some money into the performer’s hat or tip box.
  • Buy CDs of independent musicians who self produce them, you may be launching a someday-famous band and have a collectible — or just have a beloved CD of famous music. And if you download their music, pay for it––don’t be a freeloader as the “free music” attitude has ruined the livelihood of many a struggling yet very talented musician.
  • Be polite and quiet during live performances. This is especially important in pubs that have Celtic music, as the Celtic tradition is very keen on respect for bards. Don’t talk during live performances. You’re not only distracting the audience who’d like to hear the music, you may be distracting the musicians too and throwing them off their stride.

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