Click, clack …

The sound of a train on a distant hillside;

Rolling, mile after Mile, season in, season Out.

Chris-crossing airwaves around the world;

Driving rhythm on the tracks of history.


Click, click…

Music of Musicians and songs of Singers;

Moving dance and Dancers with coolness and Culture.

Overlooking obstacles but not the Obvious;

Transforming a Mole hill into a Meteor.


Click, clack …

Blazing among the brightest stars and Constellations;

Deep into the hippest trip.

Connecting hearts with lines to last for generations;

In Love, Peace and SOOOOUUULLL.


Click, click, clack…

Merely passing through!




In memory of Soul Train Host and Creator, Mr. Don Cornelius (1936- 2012).  All rights reserved.