When Tim Bowman last performed at  An Evening of Smooth Jazz,  little did he (or any of us for that matter) know that he was well on the way to making history.  After seven months, his single “Summer Groove” landed into the number one spot on the  Radio & Records smooth jazz singles chart .  

The single was also Bowman’s first  #1 single in his ten year career as a solo artist.

This kind of success was said to be an extra surprise for many including Bowman’s radio promoter who simply put it ,  “This is unheard of”.

Topping the charts is all the more historic because Bowman is considered a gospel instrumentalist.  No other gospel instrumentalist has ever hit #1 on the smooth jazz singles chart. When asked how he arrived at the title for the new CD, Bowman says, I like smooth jazz and I like gospel music. So, instead of my music being one or the other, this is what I hear. I hear jazz and I hear gospel.