Music brings us together and allows people of all backgrounds to experience pure joy without hesitation or restraint according to an article at the Capitol Theater.

It suggest that as music fans, helping to foster a local music community is something we should all support and cultivate.

But why exactly should you support local, live music it asks.   Well, here’s the top ten reasons listed…

1. You don’t need to travel far for your new favorite bands

2. Help grow the local music scene

3. Local shows will be kind to your wallet

4. It’s a way to experience new music

5. Give your town or city something special that no one else has

6. One day they could be famous

7. There is a strong connection between the band and their fans

8. You can meet new people, make friends, and network easily

9. It’s a chance to be a decent human being

10. Most importantly, your support is what keeps your local bands alive